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The Women's Lunch Place (
Located in Boston's Back Bay, the women's lunch place offers a safe day sanctuary, nutritious meals and critical support services for women like medical care and job training experiencing homelessness or poverty. We welcome all self-identifying women with open arms and unconditional support. Homelessness and poverty undermine human dignity –we’re working to change that! (
The seconded annual Hoodie The Homeless campaign is launching in San Francisco, Bitcoin Not Bombs will be partnering once again with #ProjectFeedSF, and other great organizations from the bitcoin community to help Project Feed SF deliver more then just brown bag lunches in November and December 2014. Bitcoin Not Bombs is maintaining a bitcoin fund to purchaser hoodies, socks and other items for people in need in San Francisco. Learn more and donate today at
Second Chance Animal Rescue (
Second Chance Animal Rescue is a nonprofit 501(c)(3), all-volunteer organization incorporated in 1994 that is dedicated to rescuing, caring for and adopting out homeless dogs and cats into loving and responsible homes. We educate the public on respect for all animal life, including the importance of spaying and neutering in order to reduce the number of animals euthanized
EXPO2023 (
Let’s bring the world to Minnesota in 2023 to share a little hot dish and show all of humanity what was once the frontier of the West is now the frontier for innovation and accomplishment of all kinds. Explore the site, catch the spirit, donate in any amount and help propel the campaign by spreading the word.
Givecoin Foundation (
CHARITY THROUGH CRYPTOGRAPHY. Givecoin was designed to empower charities and communities worldwide with both the advantages of cryptocurrency and the generosity of its community. We designed it to be accessible to anyone with the interest and a computer of any power to get involved, while using the X11 algorithm to resist volatile hash rates and prices. GIVE is the first X11-based altcoin to directly donate to causes with the power of it’s mining network: simply by running the mining client,you can contribute to our network.
Clean Water Coin (
Water is the single most important necessity of life. For some of us, access to clean drinking water is as easy as turning on your faucet. But for nearly 1 BILLION people, clean water just isn’t available. In most cases, men, women, and children have one single source of water that is so polluted and contaminated it has become a poison. As a result, more than 4,000 people die EVERY DAY! 9/10 of deaths that are a result of unsafe and contaminated water are children under the age of 5. It’s difficult to fully comprehend that kind of devastation. But focusing on stats and merely discussing the issues won’t help, it’s time to actively participate. The Clean Water Coin Initiative is the first ever coin designed and developed to be a nonprofit organization. What does that mean? We are a registered Nonprofit Organization and we’ve created a Crypto Charity and coin that lets a community actively participate in helping provide clean water. To do that we've teamed up with so that we can create campaigns and raise funds for clean water projects. (
Our Bit4Bit accounts are a community driven source of "Bit Matched" donations! Thanks to our generous donors both named and anonymous, we are able to offer eligible giving Campaigns an extra "BitBoost" to help them achieve their goals.
Obviously it's early days! We will be implementing a community driven voting system soon that will help nominate the winning charity causes.
You can donate anonymously by sending payments to the following addresses directly -- or sign-up/login and make named donations from within your account.
Leech Lake Legacy (
Leech Lake Legacy envisions a world where every reservation animal is well cared for. By using this screensaver you can show your support and Do A Bit of Good for the animals and pet owners of Leech Lake Reservation. Miigwech.