Why Issuers Join

CFEXColorado is the only Crowdfunding Platform where you can list your project with a Professional Licensed Real Estate Broker for ethical unbiased Real Estate guidance and property information/explanation and evaluation

                         “All Real Estate is Local”

                                    “All Real Estate Brokers are Local”

By using the CFEXColorado Platform your project is available to the entire world through the internet. Any potential investor can go to the www.CFEXColorado.com website and view any project on the platform. If they are interested in YOUR project, they can register with CFEXColorado and will then be able to see expanded project details. They also can see the contact information for your Real Estate Broker and contact them for specific questions.

Real estate investing is expensive and can be out of reach for the average investor. The CFEXColorado Crowdfunding Platform offers projects that are broken down into "Units" rather than the typical "Bulk" sale model, increasing the number of potential investors exponentially!

CFEXColorado opens your funding prospects to the other 97% (unaccredited investors), not just the top 3% (accredited). The larger investor community means more buyers and quicker results.

CFEXColorado is a unique Crowdfunding Platform that allows Issuers to customize the ownership in the project as needed.

The information provided by CFEXColorado is not intended to replace or serve as substitute for any legal, accounting, investment, real estate, tax or other professional advice, consultation or service. The user of this software/system should consult with a professional in the respective legal, accounting, investment, real estate, tax or other professional area before making any decisions. Further, REAL ESTATE BROKERS will not and cannot sell securities or provide securities advice.