Who is Crowd Funding Exchenge Colorado "www.CFEXColorado.com"

 CFEXColorado is a Colorado Crowdfunding (CF) Platform registered with the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA).

 CFEXColorado is a "Community" of local Real Estate Offices/Brokers. CFEXColorado is the only crowdfunding platform where investors can access a professional Real Estate Broker for, ethical, unbiased real estate guidance, information and evaluation of a project.

 CFEXColorado provides ALL Equity NO DEBT Real Estate investment opportunities for non-accredited and accredited investors.

 Who Uses the CFEXColorado?

Investors: Real Estate Projects (The Offerings) are sold in affordable "Units". By investing in "Units" the investor can achieve greater real estate portfilio diversification.

Issuers: The Issuer is the entity that is listing an offering (Project) on the CFEXColorado Platfrom. The Offering is a packet of information about the project.

A Real Estate Brokers can be an (Issuer): Registered CFEX Brokers can use the CFEX Platform to fund their own projects.

Real Estate Brokers: Registered Brokers are members of the CFEXColorado "Community" and may recieve referral fees from qualified projects. Member Brokers can also offer CFEX Platform services to their current and potential clients building a larger and stronger client base. The CFEX platform gives the Broker reasons to contact new and existing clients who may be interested in the unique unit sales approach.